To the source of Ganges for mercy of Shiva

Spiritual tour to holy places and places of natural power.

From 25-th of September 2017 to 8-th of October 2017

Dear friends! I invite you to make a pilgrimage to the northern part of the Indian Himalayas. We will visit one of the main shrines of India - the source of the sacred river Ganges - GANGOTRI, as well as the famous city and the capital of Yoga - RISHIKESH. The purpose of our trip is on the slopes of the Harwal Himalayas, where rivers flow from the glaciers, giving rise to the sacred Ganges. Among the many rivers of the Earth, there is hardly another river with such a mystical aura and such a huge spiritual significance for people like the Ganges! The scriptures say that the Ganges begins its journey in Heaven, spreading through them in the form of a shining Milky Way. In the place where the Celestial Ganges descends to the earth and begins the course of the Earth Ganges, the glacier Gomukh (the cow's face) and the valley "Tapovan" is 4500 meters above the sea level. Here is the largest in our world Shivalingam - Mount Shivlinga 7400. This place has long been considered one of the most revered Himalayan shrines, in the spring and summer attracts thousands of pilgrims. The date from September 25, 2017 to October 8 is timed to the full moon, so we will see snowy peaks in the splendor of the moonlight. In our trip, the main goal will be visiting places of power and spiritual importance, getting cultural and spiritual experience, such trips in India are called "parikrama." It is impossible to overestimate the importance of bathing in the Ganges, visiting temples and ashrams, hiking to famous places of power, participating in ancient rituals and rituals for our spiritual development, I will lead you to sacred places that I went myself many times. Let it be a group of friends tuned to receive a unique life experience, we want to understand something important about ourselves and the universe, touch the roads on which the feet of the famous yogis and heroes of puranas and epics have passed, bow to the feet of Eternity, ask for mercy and blessings from God of The gods - Mahadev Shiva.

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1. In our trip, the main goal will be visiting places of power and spiritual importance, getting cultural and spiritual experience, such trips in India are called "parikrama." It is impossible to overestimate the importance of bathing in the Ganges, visiting temples and ashrams, hiking to famous places of power, participating in ancient rituals for our spiritual development, I will lead you by the roads that went by myself. Let it be a group of friends tuned to receive a unique life experience, we want to understand something important about ourselves and the universe, touch the roads along which the feet of the famous yogis and heroes of puranas and epics have passed, bow to the feet of Eternity, ask for mercy and blessings from God of The gods - Mahadev Shiva Shankara.
2. Our route is laid along the traditional spiritual journey for the Indians, so everywhere there are conditions of everyday life and hygiene, hotels, shops and restaurants, but I will immediately note that India is very different from the European standards of the tourism and entertainment industry. Yoga classes and creative potential will be held, although we will not always have the time and energy to practice, we will try to use our trip with maximum benefit for spiritual development and awareness of our role in this world. 3. Now about the expenses for 12 nights from September 25, arrival on October 8, departure 12 nights 14 days, comfortable (c) and low-budget (lb) options are expected: the program is $ 200 per person, all transfers are $ 100 (c) and $ 50 (lb), accommodation is $ 240 (c), $ 120 (c) two in a room, $ 60 (lb). 3 meals a day $ 10 per day per person (c), $ 6 (lb), permission to visit the Gomukh Glacier and Tapovan Valley $ 20, porter services in the mountains $ 10 per day, for 3 days $ 30.
Total: comfort for one 200 + 100 + 240 + 140 + 20 + 30 = $ 730, comfort for two 200 + 100 + 140 + 120 + 20 + 30 = $ 610, small budget 200 + 50 + 60 + 84 + 20 = $ 414 In The calculation does not include the price of an air ticket, Indian visa, donations in temples and ashrams (strictly individually at will), the purchase of souvenirs, things, etc.
4. The price of the program includes the organization of parikrama, I will be your guide on all excursions, conducting rituals of Mahamritunjaya yajna and Shiva puja. The program on yoga and the disclosure of creative and spiritual potential for voluntary donations in the direct sense of expression (one coin or fruit given with love and respect is best of all the gold of this world). In Gangotry there will be a choice based on physical condition and intuition - go to the Gomukh glacier 3500, go up to Tapovan valley 4500 or stay in Gangotry 3200. On October 5, the full moon and the date of the visit to Gangotry is specially chosen for this number, however, changes and shifts in the program are possible, since the weather in the mountains is unpredictable.
Program by days:
1st day 25.09 Meeting at Delhi airport and transfer to Rishikesh - 7 hours, sign of the property, rest, money exchange, etc. Permits to visit the Gangotry region.
Day 2 26.09 Opening of the workshop in Rishikesh, bathing in the Ganges, visiting Temples and Ashrams, preparing for trekking, shopping (here you can buy warm clothes for a hike to the mountains) yoga classes, Araty evening in Paramatnicketam Ashram.
3- 4- 5- 6th-7th day - Rishikesh: Temples and excursions to the cave of Rishi Vasishtha, Shiva's temple Nilkanth (hold Mahamritunjaya yajna), Haridwar and Ananda Maya Ma ashram, Rishikesh waterfalls, Araty on the Ganges, every morning - ablutions in the Ganges, yoga, lots of fruit, good hotels and restaurants.
8th day 03.10 Transfer Rishikesh - Gangnany (night in the village of Gangnany on hot springs), simple hotel, Indian restaurant.
9th day 04.10 Transfer to Gangotry, visit to Shiva Temple and Ashrams, meetings with Sadhus and adoption to height, yoga classes. In the evening Shiva puja and kirtan. Choice of hotels and restaurants.
10th day 05.10 Gangotry - Bhojbasa track 14 km, overnight in the Ashram. The road, or rather, the path, runs along the gorge, along the bottom of which runs the Ganges stream, flowing from the glacier. Here you can already see the tongue of the glacier slipping down from the mountains and the peaked tops of Bhagirathi. Behind, like a ridge of a mighty dragon, a rocky gorge descends. Each stone sings Shiva Shambhu, in this ashram there are pilgrims from all over India and the atmosphere is impregnated with spirituality. Minimal conditions, concrete bare walls, a toilet outside, food for all one-Indian thali (rice, peas, burrs). 11-day 06.10 Hike to the Gomukh glacier and a 1000-meter climb to the Tapovan valley. Externally, Gomukh represents a vertical wall, consisting of blocks of ice and stones, which now and then break from a height down, and fall into muddy water. The entire glacier slowly slips down and from the melting of its waters the very muddy-green waters form which become the Ganges ... The wind blows, the sun burns mercilessly, a green stream is bubbling and the ice rocks are falling, spilling cold sprays ... Next we climb the Tapovan where we spend one night. The ascent does not require special training and anyone between the ages of 20 and 60 is able to physically traverse the route, so the main difficulties lie in the field of psychology and the breakdown of stereotypes will occur in many directions. As you know, self-realization is possible only by the grace of God, and here for this grace we will rise to a height of 4,500 meters above sea level to where the saints and Yogis came for millennia. It is here that the Sadhu will worship the largest 6,500 meters of the natural Shiva Lingam in the form of a mountain. Minimal conditions, stone bare walls, food for all is one-Indian thali (rice, peas, tortillas).
12th day 06.08 Return to Gangotry Tracking 18 km, spend the night in Gangotry. Choice of hotels and restaurants.
13-day 07.10 Transfer to Rishikesh, overnight. Many fruits, good hotels and restaurants. In the evening, Araty on the banks of the Ganges.
Day 14.10 Transfer to Delhi and departure.
5. What to take with you: a yoga mat or foam, summer clothes for Rishikesh (+ 25-30) and warm clothes for the mountains, if there is a sleeping bag and / or a tent - will be useful in the mountains, but everything can be bought on the spot or taken in hire, the main thing to take is Faith, Hope and Love.


Brand new life:

When I first got to Gangotry, I could not believe my eyes, I thought this only on "Discovery" happens ... Another universe, eternity. Around of me from snowy peaks, the faces of gods and heroes, frozen in stone and snow, looked at me, and each stone vibrated with the mantra "Shiva Shambhu". There are many beautiful and powerful natural places in the world, but none can compare with Gangotry on the strength of spiritual transformation and influence on the life path. It was in Gangotry that my spiritual transformation began, and I sincerely wish everyone to visit this fabulous place and wash away in the source of the Ganges all obstacles from the path of development and transformation!

Since 2007, I regularly come to Rishikesh and I must admit - this is one of the most favorite places for me on our planet. From here begin the routes in the Himalayas, to places of traditional religious and spiritual pilgrimage, as well as mountain tracks for tourists. Despite the rapid changes in the modern world in Rishikesh there is a subtle, inexpressible vibration of ancient legends, an atmosphere of high spirituality, here at the foot of the majestic Himalayas one can not help thinking about the meaning of life. Every day in Rishikesh is filled with experience, bathing in the Ganges, participation in arati, visiting temples and ashrams, practicing yoga, unforgettable meetings - all this sets the perception of the subtle component of the universe, here you begin to feel the invisible. The modern life of a big city keeps the human mind within the framework of everyday worries and life seems to be limited to the television series, to see the reality it is necessary to climb the mountain and look from the top down .... In conclusion, I add that despite the shortcomings of the tourist service in some Indian regions, Rishikesh Is a pleasant exception, there are good hotels, restaurants and shops, an extensive network of travel agencies and services.

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About places and excursions:


Temple of Shiva - Nilkanth
A few kilometers from Rishikesh is the famous Nilkanth temple complex - the blue throat Shiva. With this temple is associated the famous Prana, when Shiva for the salvation of the world swallows the deadly poison and holding this poison in the throat by the power of Yoga defeats the threat capable of destroying the entire Universe. Here we will conduct Mahamritunjaya Yajna, visit the temples and the natural spring of sulfur water, take a bath.

The Cave of the Rishi Vasishtha
The Cave of the Rishi Vasishtha
In this cave, according to legend, lived and meditated the famous sage seer Rishi Vasishtha. The walls still store voices and the atmosphere of antiquity, even a few minutes spent in the cave can change lives and give the experience of a deep immersion in yourself. The cave is located 20 km from Rishikesh, on the banks of the Ganges, next to the ashram and the temple where all pilgrims are fed with prasadam - food offered during the rite of worshiping to God. Such food expels evil spirits and develops anandamaya kosha- the body of bliss.

Around Rishikesh there are several waterfalls and we will visit some of them. We will swim in the clear water of streams running from the mountains, we will charge ourselves with health and we will throw off illnesses and fatigue. The water of the Himalayas has unique healing properties, heals our body and soul, brings inspiration and peace to the heart. The memory of such places remains for life! Happiness is here!

One full day, we will devote a tour of Haridwar, this famous city once every 12 years becomes the venue for the world's largest festival of spirituality - Kumbha Mela. On ghats - specially equipped embankments day and night, pilgrims from all over India take ablutions in the Ganges. This ritual purifies our karma and karma of the whole family for seven generations.
Ashram Anandamaya Ma Ashram
Ashram Anandamaya Ma Ashram
Famous for the whole world, the holy Mother Ananda left her body here, in the ashram there is the place of her samadhi-mortal body resting in the stones, but the soul and her energy are invisibly present in the stones and steps of this ashram. You will feel it yourself.

Temple complex Mayapury
Previously, Haridwar was called Mayapury - a place of illusions, according to puranas, blinded by the pride Prajapati Daksha performed here a sacrifice without invitation of Mahadev for which he bitterly suffered ... We will visit the place and I will tell you many interesting things.

Ganges Araty
In the end of our tour to Haridwar we participate in the ritual of worshiping the Ganges. Thousands of pilgrims gather every evening on the ghats with devotional songs,prayers and offers of fire and flowers, glorify the famous river that gives life to millions of people and carries goodness and purification from sins.

The capital of Yoga, the city of temples and ashrams, the Indian color, taking into account the conditions for tourists. Rishikesh stands on the border of the plains and the Himalayas, here for spiritual transformation for centuries yogis and wise men aspire, here lives the ancient culture and traditions of India. One of my favorite places in the world, I want to return here again and again. bazaar The color of the eastern bazaar, souvenirs and Ayurveda from all over India, the kind and benevolent inhabitants, all this adds joy to the atmosphere of spirituality and a common desire for good. Rishikesh is the city of Shiva, here Mahadev is present personally..

Ganges Araty
Every evening at sunset next to the ashram "Paramatnicketam" is held Ganges Araty and we will visit this ritual more than once

At an altitude of 3,300 meters above sea level, the town is located at the famous Shiva temple - Gangotry. From here begins our trek to the mountains to the very source of the sacred Ganges. Gangotry is one of the most sacred places in India, here from the skies through the hair of Shiva descends the Ganges, the road to Eternity begins here ....


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